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Vitamins are essential for our health and vitality. They are organic molecules that our body requires to carry out various, complex metabolic functions.  These functions affect our body in universal ways including regulating cellular activity, assisting in bone and tissue formation, and converting carbohydrates. Each of the 13 vitamins play a unique role, in various processes of the body.

In general, our body is unable to produce vitamins through biological activity and processes. One exception that commonly found, is how our body can produce Vitamin D, by utilizing UV rays from the sun to convert its precursor molecule. Vitamins usually can only be obtained through the consumption of food and/or vitamin supplements. Quality vitamin supplements are a great source as their nutritional compounds contain optimal amount of vitamins.  This is important as most vitamins, except for fat-soluble ones, are excreted from our body on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very important to replenish our body with these vitamins on a daily basis for optimum health and wellness. Poor nutrition is a common source for certain health conditions such as scurvy, anemia, etc.  An easy method to prevent poor nutrition is by providing your body with vitamin supplements that contain necessary nutrients.

Naturally, food should be one of the primary means of obtaining our necessary vitamins and minerals. The food we eat has its own unique nutritional content. Each piece of food, such as an apple, is fortified with various vitamins and minerals. To maintain a balanced diet, we must selectively eat the right quality and quantity of foods on a consistent basis. It is very important to eat a well-balanced diet for your health.  One drawback of obtaining nutrients solely through food is that you must maintain a consistent diet.  As mentioned previously, we, in most cases to not retain vitamins.  Thus, based on diet only, we would need to consume  all of the right foods to obtain 13 vitamins daily.
Unfortunately, through diet alone, most people are unable to keep up with the continual demands of their body. As mentioned previously, the body does not store vitamins so we must constantly replenish it. Most people, especially within the last two decades have supplementing their body with vitamins, to maintain their health and offset their eating habits. Since the 1900s, vitamin supplementation has increased substantially, based on trends of increased health awareness.

Although consumption of vitamins has increased, most people are unable to feel the full effects of vitamin supplementation. The main reason for this mediocre health benefit is due to poor quality ingredients found in each nutritional product. One of the main problems that minimize the true effect of vitamins is each supplement's bioavailability.
Bioavailability is a measurement that used to help describe how much of a vitamin has been absorbed by the body. Higher quality vitamin supplements, which are manufactured with ingredients that are more refined and potent. The nutrients found in these products are quickly absorbed and used by surrounding cells and tissues. If these vitamins are available and utilized by the body, one can experience the true health benefits. According to our our analysis of the market, we believe that many vitamin supplements are inferior in quality and compromise quality for quantity. The most of the companies is to provide you with low quality products at cheap prices. Yet, what is point of taking a lackluster product to improve your health.
Doc1Vitamins firmly believes that every vitamin product should be manufactured with the best quality ingredients. Unfortunately, many vitamin manufacturers found in the health industry produce poor quality products. A vast majority of vitamin and nutritional supplements contain at least 30% filler agents. Filler agents are harmful chemicals added to supplements to bulk up or modify a vitamin supplement. A common misconception is that filler agent help propagate the actions and benefits of vitamin supplement. One commonly used filler agent is partial hydrogenated soybean oil, which has been linked to many health ailments including neurological damage, heart disease, and poor fatty acid absorption. Artificial color, is another additive, that is found in vitamins. It has been clinical proven that artificial colors are carcinogenic and cause many allergic reactions.

Contrary to popular belief, fillers do not enhance the properties of a vitamin nor do they have any nutritional value. They, instead prevent the absorption of a vitamin, by chemically binding to its nutrients. Many vitamin manufacturers do not care about what goes into a vitamin as long as the active ingredient is present.
Doc1Vitamins exclusively promotes Physician Select Vitamins based on its high quality and reputation. PSV products are produced under the stringent guidelines set by the FDA. Numerous steps are taken to ensure that these products contain the highest quality ingredients and are manufactured in a FDA-approved facility. These vitamins are developed under the guidance of a scientific advisory board consisting of doctors, from different fields of medicine

We promote Physician Select Vitamins because we believe in the products and their health benefits. These vitamin products are high quality supplements that help you look and feel your best. Doc1Vitamins has received many testimonials from our satisfied customers. For your peace of mind, we offer you a 90 day money back guarantee on all nutritional products.

If you have any questions regarding the products, please Call (800) 778-7191
PIN (SUTX1019). For your convenience, the customer service department will be open 24/7 to answer your questions.
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